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The Oldest Sister is a platform designed for those caring for
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Welcome to The Oldest Sister.


As children, we never think about the day that our parents will turn to us for support. When did our “hero” become so fragile? How do you handle this new role of “caregiver”?

The Oldest Sister is a community designed with you in mind, that offer’s more than just a pamphlet. There are so many things that are never discussed. It can be sad and sometimes even embarrassing to see someone you love go through the changes that come with old age. We live in a society where children can have certain needs or behaviors, but we don’t view aging adults in the same way.

We’re here to point you in the right direction, provide resources, information, and offer a shoulder to cry on. There will be good and bad days, ups and downs, but through it all, you’ll have a community standing at your side. You’re there for them, we’re here for you.

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3 Approaches for Calming Someone with Dementia Alzheimer's and other dementias are difficult to give general advice on because a lot depends on the type of dementia and the stage of the disease. But one thing I have found that helps me across the board is, you need to put yourself their shoes. Doing so can be difficult, but if someone living with dementia is feeling anxious or worked up, I recommend trying the three

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