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The Oldest Sister provides hands-on, practical advice, resources,
information and more to empower family caregivers.


As children we never think about the day that our parent’s will turn to us for support. When did our “hero” become so fragile? How do you handle this new role of “caregiver”?

It can be scary, overwhelming and become complex very quickly. There are so many facets you now have to consider and the best laid plan can change on a dime. Who do you turn to for advice, resources, support and a community that really cares about you and your aging loved one?

We are the older sister you wish you had helping guide you through this often scary and complex process. We have put together resources, stories, articles, guides and so much more to help you make the best decisions for you and your family. You’re there for them we’re here for you.

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Nutritional Needs of Seniors

Nutritional Needs of Seniors Nutrition is a touchy subject for most families. It's one of the most direct examples of role reversal that happens during the aging process. As children, we would sit at the dinner table for hours with a plate of cold peas staring back at us. It was drilled into our heads that if we did not eat our vegetables, we would not grow up big and strong. Fortunately, in my family,

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