Normal Aging versus Not Normal Aging

Your “working Memory” is a cognitive system that is responsible for temporarily holding information. When you’re younger, you’re able to hold a lot more in your working memory than someone older. So things like not being able to remember details of a conversation that you had a year ago, can be completely natural and simply apart of aging. But being unable to remember details of a recent conversation, can be cause for concern.

Chances are if you’re worried about your memory, but your family and friends aren’t, you’re simply aging.

Likewise, things such as forgetting the name of an acquaintance, searching for a word that’s on the tip of your tongue or occasionally forgetting an event are also typically just a part of normal aging. But if you find yourself putting the milk in the cupboard, and the tea in the fridge that is a cause for concern. Additionally when you or your loved one are unable to recall recent details from conversations, can’t recognize family members or are consistently forgetting things- these are signs you may want to get checked out.
Let us know some ways you or someone you know stays on track of things as you age!
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