Home Care vs Home Health

I often hear people interchanging Home Health vs In-Home Care, and understandably so! But to clear up any confusion we’re going to go over both and the differences between the two.

The main difference is that Home Health is clinical care and In-Home Care is non-clinical care.

Home Health is usually prescribed by a doctor after a hospitalization, or stay at a skilled nursing facility. The goal of Home Health is to provide the patient with care in their home, which is typically less expensive and more convenient than continuing a hospital stay. Because it is considered clinical care, Home Health is covered by medical insurance including both Medicare and Medicaid.

In-Home Care on the other hand is non-clinical care, and is typically provided by caregivers to help seniors with day to day activities. This is a good option for seniors who need assistance around the home, and can also provide companionship. Since it is non-clincial, In-Home Care is usually private pay although long-term care insurance can sometimes apply.

Medical affairs can be very tricky to navigate, much less on top of everything else! Is there anything else you find confusing and would like to know more on? Let us know!
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