Easter has always been a time of celebration for our family. You see my gram’s birthday was April 8th, and Easter usually falls sometime before or after that date. Since the whole family was together for Easter, we celebrated my gram’s birthday on Easter Sunday.

Gram died two days before her 100th birthday eight years ago this April. I can’t believe it has been eight years. It seems like just yesterday she was shaking her finger at me and giving me a piece of her mind.

The springtime brings a renewed energy with more daylight and warmer temperatures. It is a great time to include your older adult in the Easter celebration. My gram was no longer able to prepare the main meal, but she passed along all the skills and not to mention the recipes. Breaking bread with old familiar food can bring back so many memories. Before you know it, you may find yourself talking about past celebrations how the kids have grown, etc. It is still so fun to rummage through her old recipes and prepare some of her favorite meals.
One of the things my gram started saying to me in the last couple of years of her life was, ” I am not going to live forever, there are new babies being born into this family, and that is the cycle of life.” I did not want to hear any of that. Selfishly I wanted her to be here forever. Gram was correct, the cycle of life has continued. My goddaughter was born on April 10th, and we now celebrate her birthday on Easter Sunday. I look back with joy in my heart and remember all of those years with my gram, and I hope to pass along the same happy memories to my nieces. The celebration of Easter is what you hold in your heart, and even though gram is no longer here, she lives on in my heart and my memories.

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