5 Ways to Show Your Parents Love from a Distance

Caregiving from a distance can be tough on both parties. With time changes, trying to work around schedules, and fit everything in sometimes the little things end up falling through the cracks. So today we’re sharing five ways you can show your parents some love from a distance!

1. Put together a Date Night for your parents.
What are some of your parent’s favorite activities? If they like going out for dinner, give a local restaurant you know your parents enjoy a call and ask to speak with the manager. Usually, you can make a reservation and either leave your credit card information or ask to be called to give your card info to cover their meal. If you’re not comfortable with giving your card information out, ask about gift cards. If your parents adore the movies but rarely go, send them a gift card to their local theater with show times for movies they may enjoy and of course enough for popcorn! If your parents don’t have transportation available, you can call them an uber if you’re comfortable, or ask someone that lives near them to be their chauffeur for the night.

2. Send them photos.
Now that everyone has a phone, we take a million pictures but rarely print anything. Go through your stash (or take some new ones!) and print off a nice batch of photos and write little notes on the back. If you tend to Instagram a lot, you can print off square photos at staples with borders which are nice for decorating. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could even put a book together for them of photos and send it. Chances are they’ll love a fancy scrapbook- and you don’t have to glue a thing!

3. Help out with the housework.
Next time you’re on the phone with your mom or dad, ask them how things are going and listen for a minor problem they may be having. Maybe your mom would love a fresh coat of paint on the deck, or your dad’s car hasn’t had a wash in awhile. Even if you aren’t there to do it yourself, maybe you can hire someone who can! Be wary not to step on anyone’s toes as some parents can become very defensive or particular with their home, but I know my mom would’ve loved having her windows washed!

4. Plan your next trip.
When’s the last time you saw your parents? Was it over the holidays, or maybe the last time they had an accident? If you can, plan a vacation to visit them just because you want to see them. Obviously, your parents appreciate you coming out anytime, but it feels especially nice to have someone visit just to spend time together. So give them a call and find out when’s good for both of you to visit, and plan some fun activities together!

5. Make a call schedule with them.
Because of busy schedules, sometimes we feel like we’re calling our parents a lot more than we are in reality. Creating a call schedule with both of you can show your parents that you’re thinking of them, but also can help keep you accountable. Even if you just create one for yourself, it can help keep your parents from being isolated. It’s also just a good thing to do because one day you may not have the privilege of talking to your parents about the little things that happened in their day.

Do you have any ways you like to stay in touch? Let us know in a comment!

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