3 Ways to Prepare for an Emergency Before it’s too Late

When I was in the healthcare business, I felt like it was every other week I would hear from families that their mom fell, and they had no idea what to do now. There’s no way to be entirely ready for an emergency, but there today we’ll be going over three ways to get you better prepared!

1. Don’t Wait
Talking about your parents future can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and sometimes downright unpleasant. But the conversation needs to be had while you can still have it. Some things to go over with them include:
– What are their wishes in case of an emergency?
– What are their primary contacts such as doctors, neighbors, friends and family members phone numbers? Are these numbers in their phone?
– Do you have a current medication list?
– Do you have an emergency hospital bag ready?
– What is their medical insurance coverage?
– Do they have an advocate or power of attorney in case they are unable to speak for themselves?

2. Fall Prevention
While anything can happen, it’s still a good idea to take some precautions around the house. Some basic things to look out for include:
– Is the home well lit?
– Are the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors functioning properly?
– Are there grab bars and sturdy handrails around the house?
– Is the floor slippery from spills or outside shoes?
– Is the furniture stable?
– Are there tripping hazards?

This is quite a broad list, so what we would suggest is going through the home room by room, and taking a look at things as if you were in your parent’s shoes.

3.Have an emergency plan ready.
Now that you’ve had the conversation with your parents, take that information and create a plan as a family. Who do they call for help- and sometimes even more importantly how? Life Alerts are a great option- but many seniors aren’t terribly fond of them. Even those that are, usually forget them on the nightstand when going to the bathroom at night. So what would your mom do if she fell and didn’t have her life alert? We suggest looking at what technology is available and works for you and your senior. Amazon’s Alexa is a great tool to place around the house because your senior can call out to have it call an emergency contact.

If you don’t live near your parents- who will be there for them? How will they get to the hospital? Go through step by step the stages of an emergency and create a plan together that works for your family.

Have any emergency tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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